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Whatever challenges life brings can be approached as opportunities for growth, invitations to change. Everything we live through - every accomplishment or regret, every exhilarating risk or disappointing failure, every deep attachment or broken heart - is a chance to develop greater confidence, connection and aliveness.  It is my privilege to accompany people through this learning process, and to shift the focus from problems and symptoms to strengths, meaning and resilience.  



Is your life not taking the shape you imagined? Is it out of balance, or lacking in meaning, or chaotic and haphazard? Are you overwhelmed by a crisis or a loss of some kind, or discouraged by disappointing patterns in your life?  Do you have a major life decision to confront, or an important transition to navigate? Maybe you're just not as happy and productive as you want to be. You might be unraveling after a break-up, anxious about a new relationship, or troubled by one you've been in for years. Are you lonely, or just kind of stuck and directionless, or held back by self-doubt and worry? Believe me, it doesn't have to be this way.

find clarity, vitality and satisfaction  


Most everyone has mixed feelings about therapy; ambivalence is part of the process. It takes courage to enter a stranger's office and reveal your pain, confusion and vulnerabilities; and it's not easy to build the trust required for such delicate work. The rewards? A place and time dedicated to what matters most to you; a collaborator in expanding your awareness and sense of possibility; and the opportunity to grow into a more whole and vibrant version of yourself. I invite you to come in for an initial consultation - no pressure, no commitment and no judgment.

You want relief, you want to feel hopeful, you want to thrive.

I get it, and i can help.




Effective psychotherapy is a kind of sculpting process, gradually revealing a version of you that is fully, comfortably your authentic self.  I'm an actively engaged therapist, with an informal, inquisitive and responsive style. I don't just listen and nod and turn the questions around on you; I also do some of the talking. I'm as invested as you are in knowing you deeply, understanding you, and helping you find greater ease, hope and trust in yourself. Toward that end, I provide direct and compassionate feedback; I'll be open about my experience and observations of you in the service of your increased awareness and motivation for change.  

I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say, "Let's face it, people never really change."   

I disagree! I watch people change over and over again; they let go of old ideas and experiences, and open to new perspectives and feelings.  Change is possible if you're open to it and you want it.



(Confidentiality of electronic communication cannot be guaranteed. If this is a concern, please call 202.744.5211 instead.)

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